Erwin Georgi

"When I create I want to be captured by the visuals of the environment, and its outstanding elements such as its textures, its light, and its composition. I approach these elements close-up and zoom in on their most detailed parts, creating abstractions from the figurative. I deconstruct the images into fluids of color and light, or I capture the fleeting instant of motion and the emotion of an event.

I reorder visual elements from one created video into a new video, combining and regrouping layers of different settings and manipulating them into new images with a completely different outlook. 

I capture the raw energy of the quotidian. I deconstruct elements and recreate them into a symmetrical pattern. I love symmetry. For me, all the elements of nature are symmetrical. I absorb the linearity and the order that are underneath the real. 

My goal is to be a productive and creative entity and live by my passion for the visual and experimental arts.  I want to capture life as it flows, transforming its visual elements into a life spectacle.''

                                                              -Erwin Georgi